You’re invited to discover the marvellous world of Basque cuisine through the restaurants of the Carlton and San Sebastián Hotels. Select from an extensive menu of the most popular creations from our cuisine, made using nothing but the finest produce.

Given the fact that one of the main attractions of the Basque Country is its cuisine, the Aránzazu Hotel Group attaches great importance to offering high quality dishes made with fine quality produce.

Let yourself be surprised by the innovations of our chefs and get all the enjoyment out of the more traditional recipes.


    Hotel Carlton

    Carlton Restaurant

    Since its very origins, this temple of Basque high cuisine, located alongside the Basilica of Begoña, has maintained its tradition of serving the most exquisite specialities in a unique ambiance, with a décor which interweaves Classicism and elegance.


    Hotel San Sebastián

    Ondarreta Restaurant

    The Hotel San Sebastián Ondarreta restaurant cafeteria features a welcoming bright and airy seafaring ambiance, offering guests traditional cuisine yet still maintaining an extensive menu of signature dishes worthy of even the most select palates.