Aránzazu Hoteles in M&I Forum 2018 in Algarve

18 April, 2018

This week, from Wednesday the 18th to Saturday the 21st  April, Aranzazu Hoteles has been in the new edition of M & I Forum in Algarve.

This forum of Meeting and Incentives is exclusively for professionals, where suppliers present their products and services in detail.

People who attend to this event are carefully selected by the organization for professional appointments and contacts were as productive as possible.

VIII Contest of Art Hotel Carlton 2018

13 April, 2018

The Hotel Carlton of Bilbao together with the faculty of Fine arts of the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, organizes ” the VIIIth Contest of Art Hotel Carlton 2018 ” in the Bilbao´s Feast.

The works will be exposed during Take hold Nagusia of Bilbao 2018, from 18/08/2018 up to 02/09/2018, both inclusive, in the lobby of the Hotel Carlton of Bilbao.

All the exposed works are unpublished and original, with a technology, size, format and topic to the free choice of the artist.

The failure of the Juror, possessing the representatives’ presence of the UPV, of the Hotel Carlton and of the cultural area, will announce september 13rd of at 13:30 h.

Hotel Carlton is Pet Friendly

06 April, 2018

We are glad to announce that Carlton Hotel is now Pet Friendly.

Carlton Hotel accepts dogs up to 8 Kgs., subject to the availability of the Hotel and with 1 pet per room.

For those customers visiting us with their pets, the Hotel will offer them a dog kit including a bowl and a trainning pad.

34 ª edition of the Championship of Spain of Football of table

16 February, 2018

On the 18th and 19th of February the Hotel Los Agustinos will be a headquarters of 34 ª edition of the Championship of Spain of Football of table. On Saturday, the 18th of February the individual categories will be disputed and on Sunday, the 19th the competition of equipments. Both with beginning at 9:30.

VI International Contest of Short Story Aste Nagusia in Bilbao 2018

13 February, 2018

“VI. International Contest of Short Story Aste Nagusia 2017”

This new edition of the contest of short statement, it is of free topic but whose action must pass in the Bilbao´s Semana Grande.

The sending of the works  is from 18th January to 28th February.


Bicay´s Red Cross strategic reflection

31 January, 2018

Bicay´s Red Cross  has celebrated a day of strategic reflection with a group formed by 14 representatives of the Biscayan company. It is a question of a meeting that it seeks to realize a contrast on the management of the organization that allows to take decisions of competitive improvement in all his areas of intervention, using as tool the Model of Euskalit’s Advanced Management. The day has approached subject matters as the equality, the transparency, the voluntary work and the importance of the alliances, between otrasCruz Red Biscay has celebrated today a day of strategic reflection with a group formed by 14 representatives of the Biscayan company.

The day, celebrated today in the Hotel Abando.

Receipt to the Group of Bugles and Drums

26 January, 2018

The Group of Bugles and Drums of Haro celebrates this year his forty anniversary. One of the principal acts of this datewill be the celebration of the third edition of National Exaltation of Bands of Bugles and Drums ‘ Haro’s City ‘.

An event to which already they have confirmed his assistance four groups, next March 18th,  at 11 a.m. in the La Paz square.

On March 17 a receiption will be organized to the invited bands and to the authorities in Hotel Los Agustinos to celebrate this special date of a group that, though event the name changed several times, always has had ” the same spirit “.

Hotel Carlton´s Fachade Renovation

19 January, 2018

The Hotel Carlton is renewing the surface of his fachade with mineral paintings, which advanced technology is respectful with the environment. The improvements are carried out for the conservation of the front, embellishment and satisfaction of the persons who visit the Hotel and walk along Bilbao.

From his inauguration in 1926 the Hotel designed by D. Manuel M ª Smith, is a multicultural emblem of the city and adds this way to the celebration of the distinction “Best European City 2018” of Bilbao, for his urbanism.

The Artagan Restaurant of Carlton Hotel Offers Sunday´s Buffet Lunch

19 January, 2018

Every Sunday are to enjoy them. With friends, with family, with your couple…..From February 4rd The Artagan Restaurant of the Carlton Hotel offers every Sunday, his wide and varied buffet lunch. Mixed salads, pasta, paella, hummus, stuffed, showcooking, pintxos, home made sweets.

The entrance from 14:00pm up to 16:00pm.  The end of the service: 18:00h.

Adults price: 25,00€ (10% VAT included).

Children price until 12 years old: 17,00€ (10% VAT included).

Drinks not included.

“Personal Assistant” service available

18 January, 2018

New service of “Personal Assitant” for our guests.

We offer a wide range of plans and option to make your visit to Bilbao an unforgetable experience. We will be your “Personal Assistant” in the city, together we can develop a range of activities depending upon your interests and requirements. You will be provided with a part-time or full-time assistant who will facilitate your daily city life, escort you through the city’s museums and its best and most traditional restaurants. Our clients can choose to go shopping accomanied by a stylist or  request that a selection of clothes be brought to your hotel room, request a massage, a hairdresser or even a personal trainer.

We are able to arrange anything you require via our website